RAR seen by
Carlos Correia

The paintings produced by this artist in relation to the RAR universe conjure up a paradoxically undefined point in their configuration. Using the same term that I applied to another series of his paintings, they are images devoid of time, where the link between reality and that which is effectively represented therein is diluted in compositions that intelligently shun anecdotal aspects, in order to find a strange kind of monumentality in the most simple and banal detail.

Miguel von Hafe Pérez

biographic notes

Carlos Correia was born in Lisbon in 1975. He lives and works in Lisbon.

Solo exhibitions (sel.):

2013 - Quadro - Mesa, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto.

La Place du Spectateur I, The Mews, London.

La Place du Spectateur II, Baginski Galeria Projectos, Lisbon.

Carlos Correia - PINTURA, Galeria 102-100, Castelo Branco.

2012 - SUPERVIVENCIA, Galeria Fucares, Madrid.

Le Plaisir Au Dessin, Appleton Square, Lisbon.

2010 - Ensaio, Baginski Galeria Projectos, Lisbon.

2009 - Moon and Something Else.... Painting, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto.

Group exhibitions (sel.):

2013 - Cloud Chambers, The Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, London.

Amadeo Sousa Cardoso Painting Prize, Amarante.

Aparências Privadas, Museu Arpad Szènes/Vieira da Silva, Lisbon.

2012 - Tiempos de Alegria, Galeria  Fúcares, Almagro.

Ensayos Autónomos, OTR Espacio de Arte, Madrid.

Purificación Garcia Photography Prize, Círculo de Bellas  Artes, Madrid.

2011 - O Consolo da Pintura, Espaço Arte  Tranquilidade, Lisbon.