RAR seen by
Arlindo Silva

[...] The starting point [for Arlindo Silva’s small paintings] was an idea of reproblematising and re-contextualising the use-value of the artistic objects that are created following a commission. He therefore aimed to produce small visual fragments which, by definition, could serve as a kind of portable memorabilia, something that nowadays we essentially do with pictures of our close friends and family.

Miguel von Hafe Pérez

biographic notes

Arlindo Silva was born in Figueira da Foz in 1974. He lives and works in Porto.

He graduated with a BA Hons. degree in Fine Arts from FBAUP in 2001.

Solo exhibitions (sel.):

2014 - Na Manhã Seguinte, Graça Morais Contemporary Art Centre, Bragança.

André e Sara, Quadrado Azul, Lisbon.

Coração e Cinzas, Palácio Vila Flor, Guimarães.

2010 - Arlindo Silva no Coerência, Uma Certa Falta de Coerência, Porto.

2009 - Mãe, Galeria MCO Arte Contemporânea, Porto.

2008 - A espuma dos dias, Galeria MCO Arte Contemporânea, Porto.

Group exhibitions (sel.):

2014 - Sub 40 – Art and Artists in Porto, Almeida Garrett Municipal Gallery, Porto.

Tudo é outra coisa, Espaço MIRA, Porto.

Apesar de tudo, ainda se fodia”, Maus Hábitos, Porto.

2012 - Formas e forças, Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto.

Five Centuries of Drawing in the Collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto.

Collecting Collections and Concepts, Fábrica ASA, Guimarães.