Acembex is an international trading company providing logistics services and consultancy maintaining a leading position as one of the largest Portuguese grains and grain derivatives operator, moving about eight hundred thousand tons of raw material for the food and feed industry through the ports of mainland Portugal, Madeira and the Azores.

Colep is a global leader in the personal care, cosmetics, home care and Health Care segments. 

In Europe, although it holds the leading position in providing contract manufacturing services for those segments, the company also has a relevant activity in the manufacturing of metal and plastic packaging, in which it is the Iberian market leader of the general line segment, as well as one of the most important European players in the tinplate aerosol industry.

GeoStar integrates a chain of 37 shops, an e-commerce operation (, two Business Centers in Lisbon and Porto and an office in Madrid.
Relying in advanced technology and innovative services - together with the tour operators Sporski, Takeoff and Megaviagens - GeoStar is able to offer its customers a high value offer based on the highest standards of service at competitive prices.



Imperial is the leading Portuguese chocolate manufacturer and owner of major Portuguese brands such as Jubileu, Regina, Pintarolas, Pantagruel, Fantasias and Allegro.

The company has been building and consolidating an international position launching and marketing its brands in several markets and is now present in over 45 countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.


RAR Açúcar

RAR Açúcar is a company dedicated to the refining and commercialization of sugar established in 1962, in Oporto. 

With a production capacity of 160,000 tons/year, RAR Açúcar commercializes several types of sugar, produced from raw cane sugar for different uses and market segments, namely industry and distribution.

RAR Imobiliária

Established in 1987 to manage the RAR Group property assets, RAR Imobiliária has broadened its activities to include the development and marketing of high quality residential properties.

Having built a track record of constant innovation and focused on sustainability and resilience in achieving perfection and quality, RAR Imobiliária has become a leading brand in the property market.


Vitacress Ltd has been responsible for the RAR Group's business in the fresh produce market (salads and fresh herbs) since 2010, which encompasses the holdings of Vitacress Salads, Lighthorne Herbs and Van Heyningen Brothers.

The main business of Vitacress Salads is the production and marketing of ready-to-eat bagged salads. Acquired by RAR in 2008, it operates in the UK, Portugal and Spain, exploring a total of about 550 hectares of farmland.